„Lamda Barrique” by Ktima Ligas is a lovely white wine from Assyrtiko grapes that perfectly reflects the real and artisanal Greece soul. It ferments and ages in barrels and it exhibits a nice and captivating bouquet plenty of fresh, mineral, floral and citrusy scents with salty breezes undertones. Juicy, vibrant, long and smooth with a sapid and full closure. Artisanal Wine, made with old-style methods


Terroir: Clay-limestone and Sand
Age of vines: 15 years old
Vinification: Grapes are hand-harvested. Natural fermentation and aged in old barrels for 8-12 months. It’s not fined either filtered. No added sulfites.

The Label: Maria Callas is on the label. She is a famous Soprano singer from Greece. Ligas choose to assimilate this artist to the Assyrtiko because they both migrated to succeed and to show their talent. Assyrtiko is originally from the south of Greece but has been beautifully developed in the North. Maria Callas left Greece to succeed in Italy as well in the USA. Assyrtiko gives elegant notes to the wine as Maria Callas did with her voice.